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Sunday Mornings at Salem Covenant

Consider yourself invited to join with the community of Salem Covenant Church for worship and praise every Sunday morning at 10:00am!


Worship is the central act of our church. It is the one time each week that the entire community gathers for the reading of scripture, prayer, singing, proclamation, and active listening. The scriptures found in the Holy Bible serve as the inspiration of our worship and the central source for knowing and deepening our relationship with Jesus Christ. Theologian Walter Brueggeman refers to the church as the "listening community". Each week we have the opportunity to listen for that one word we need to move forward in our lives. 

Worship at Salem is intergenerational. Young children will make connections with seniors, those of retirement age become mentors to those still in the midst of their careers, teenagers will find support and encouragement as Young Adults check in with them each week to see how Soccer, chorus, or one's struggles in Calculus are going.  We have found that face-to-face opportunities are fewer and fewer in these days with the power of social media. Worship and or participation in the family of a church provide for rich and deep interconnections which are treasured throughout life. 


The theme for 2016 Fall through 2017 Summer is "One Table, Many Voices."  The gospel is celebrated most when barriers are broken down between people and all of us feel the warmth and joy of generous inclusion. The book of Acts chronicles the expansion of God's love for the WHOLE world - not just our tribe, ethnic group, age, economic status and preferred friendships. In story after story, the Spirit crosses over barriers and boundaries for the sake of the good news of gospel life. This year, we will celebrate the inclusiveness of Christ's table and revel in the many voices that give shape and substance to the community gathered at Salem Covenant Church. 

Consider yourself invited - the party would not be the same without you!