Wednesday Worship to Start July 26

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Often people are away on weekends during the summer leaving us out of touch with one another for several weeks. “Wednesday Worship” is an opportunity to be community outside of Sunday’s gathering. Beginning July 26 and running through August, we have initiated a midweek point of connection!  Following our theme “A Learning Year”, we will continue to explore our diverse neighborhood and world. In 2006, an extraordinary book was written by three women who initially met together to write a picture book for their children that would highlight the connections between their religions (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism). What resulted was an incredible small group experience where they not only learned each other story but came to appreciate each’s spiritual journey. They called this experience “The Faith Club” and wrote an important book chronicling their time and leaving a template for others to create their own faith club. Filled with honest questions, responses, acknowledgment of stereotyping, and epiphanies of God’s grace, this is a great book to help us explore together a world lost in a maze of diversity. Learn about other religions, their practices, and sacred days, while deepening your own understanding of what you hold sacred! Join us “On the Porch” at the Nilson’s (4 Black Hill Rd, Paxton) at 7:00 pm on Wednesdays throughout August. In preparation please purchase “The Faith Club: A Muslim, A Christian, A Jew — Three Women Search for Understanding. Jump into the reading and we’ll pick up our conversation with all who come.