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Someone brought in a Swedish Ivy plant to the office with the instruction, “It will grow anywhere and anyone can do it.” This poor plant sat on the conference table for months – one little stem. Every month or so I would give it a little water but it continued to languish and was heading for the trash. Finally, I took it into my office and put it right on my desk. Maybe if I really paid attention it would show some life again. “You know how to water it, don’t you?”, Maggie asked. “Water it from the bottom, not from the top.” ┬áToday, that one stem has sent out shoots and new leaves that threaten to take over my entire desk. Giving is a learned behavior – someone needs to teach us. It is also a community behavior – we depend on each other to be faithful. Let’s show one another what it is to give generously to God. Sunday, June 18 is Tithing Sunday. Remember, 10 cents for every dollar you received this week. It all makes a difference.

Thanking you for everything you do in Jesus name.Online Giving