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Beginning February 9th, a new bible study will begin. Utilizing some of the same materials and methods that were found in our Community Bible Experience (Sept – Dec 2016), we will focus our attention on the book of Genesis. Walter Brueggemann, in his Commentary on Genesis, formats his work around the concept of call. Because, as he states, “God calls the worlds into being… and God calls us into the church… (Statement of faith for the United Church of Christ), he sees Genesis as structured in a similar pattern: a) Gen 1-11 concerns the affirmation that God calls the world into being to be his faithful world. b) Gen 12-50 concerns the affirmation that God calls a special people to be faithfully his people. Genesis is concerned with the gifts given in these calls, demands announced in them, and the various responses evoked by them.


Genesis contains some of the most archetypal stories available to us. These epic stories literally are “Stories to Grow By”. ¬†Join us each week for honest and deep reaching conversation along with inspiring fellowship. Sessions will take place in the first-floor library in the Elms building at Briarwood on Thursday¬†afternoons from 1:30 pm to 3 pm. Join us bring some of your friends.