Lenten Dinner 3/14 Cancelled – 3/22 Welcomes Asima Silva

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With the snow continuing to pile up in the Worcester County area, we will cancel our Dinner and Conversation for March 14 and reschedule for the following week March 22 at which time our guest will be Asima Silva from our neighboring community at the Worcester Islamic Center.


Asima has long been a friend to Salem Covenant. You might remember her visits with us on other Lenten celebrations. Asima has worked tirelessly in the pursuit of providing an understanding of the American Muslim. She has her own radio program, founder and member of Daughters of Abraham, and has been featured on TV and blogosphere.


She is an American Muslim who is a member of the School Committee for the Wachussett Regional School District and works for IBM as a software engineer holding the title of Master Inventor.  She co-founded EnjoinGood.org to follow her passion of Outreach and Interfaith activities with local religious institutions to build bridges of understanding and appreciation between communities of faith.

Her presentation is both a personal account of growing up Muslim in Massachusetts as well as a representation of Muslim’s experiences in the United States of America.  She offers an important and incredibly valuable perspective on the social, political, economic, and cultural life of Muslims in the U.S. as well as context for the current immigration issues surrounding the recent Presidential Executive Orders.

You will not want to miss this rare opportunity!