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News is coming at us at such a rapid pace. 1…2…3… hurricanes and now the horror and tragedy out of Las Vegas. Difficult to comprehend the carnage of such an incident. Officials will investigate but it seems impossible to try and imagine what exactly was going on in the mind and heart of the perpetrator. The difficulty can be how not to become numb to all this and just go on as if it were another day. I can understand the reasoning behind those who advocate holding back from “our thoughts and prayers are with you” or taking “moments of silence”. Both can be “end runs” around really doing something about such epidemic rampant violence against innocent victims and yet prayer and reflection are as badly needed as any formative action. Our prayers are with everyone who was directly impacted by this tragedy as well as the nation and the world that is most definitely affected by any violence no matter how small or large. Is it too simple to once again advocate love over fear?