Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

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January is the perfect time to have friends over and make a ton more. How many of us have attended our organizations for years but many of those faces we see each week we know only scant details about who they are and what their journey has been. January is the time to change all that! Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner is an opportunity to put together people (you and me) who wouldn’t ordinarily find ourselves at the same dinner table. We start with a few families who would be willing to host a dinner in their home. Next, people who would like to get to know others by enjoying a dinner at someone’s home sign up as guests. Finally, we randomly put together guests with hosts. No one knows who’s house they are going to or in the case of a host – who their guests will be. As a guest, you are only given an address. As a host, you are only given the number of places to set at the table. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner… SIGN UP in the┬ánarthex at church THIS WEEK or call/email/facebook the church office to participate. January is a great month to get to know others!